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In contrast, the Quorum of Twelve Apostles has its own president and officers elected among themselves, independent of the general priesthood. The Quorum of Twelve is primarily responsible for guiding the spiritual growth and development of the church in general, acting as advisers to key operating committees. Today, The Church of Jesus Christ has a total worldwide membership of 23,, with nearly 3, located in the United States.

The church continues to experience significant growth in comparison to some of the other smaller Latter Day Saint organizations. The Church of Jesus Christ has long rejected plural marriage , celestial marriage , two separate priesthoods, and many other doctrines taught by some other Latter Day Saint movement denominations. The Church of Jesus Christ teaches that many of the doctrines and revelations Joseph Smith taught were not from God and were contrary to the Bible and the Book of Mormon.

The church also teaches that many of the Latter Day Saint denominations fell into error by following these revelations. Godhead: The Church of Jesus Christ believes, " These three are the great matchless power that rules all things visible and invisible, for it is of Him and through Him that we receive all things both for this life, and that which is to come. The Church of Jesus Christ teaches that the New Testament scriptures contain a true description of the church as established by Jesus Christ.

The church teaches that this church is set up to be sufficient for life and salvation to all humankind. Both the Bible and Book of Mormon are considered to be the inspired word of God. All doctrines and faith of the church are referenced with these two books.

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No other books are accepted as scripture. The Church of Jesus Christ teaches that the church as set by Christ in the New Testament contains all doctrines and practices essential for salvation. Adherents believe that the church today should contain every element of the early church. Humankind will be punished according to their own sins and not the sins of Adam and Eve. Little children, therefore, have no need of baptism to obtain salvation, as they are without sin, and are commonly blessed by the priesthood. Young people are permitted to join the church when they reach an age of accountability.

The Church of Jesus Christ teaches that the structure of the early church and that apostles , evangelists , elders , teachers, and deacons should still lead the church today. The most important calling within the church is considered to be that of a member. The leadership is not considered a hierarchy, but rather the higher the calling the greater the service.

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Each leadership position within the church further adds to the service required. No office within the church is paid, including the ministry. Apostles lead the church; evangelists preach to the world; elders serve their various branches and missions. All of these offices are considered the "ministry" of the church. Teachers visit the membership, teach, and preach or lead services when elders are not present.

Deacons visit the sick, widows, and attend to many physical and spiritual duties for each branch of the church. Deaconesses set the sacrament table and attend to the needs and development of the women of the church. Although women may serve as deaconesses in the church, in accordance with the church's interpretation of the scriptures, only men may become elders.

Deaconesses do not have priesthood authority but prepare the communion tables. Deacons set up chairs and prepare the chapel for meetings; they also care for the members of the church in general and visit the sick in particular. Elders are responsible for the spiritual well-being of the church.

The Now Testament - Pennsylvania.

As with most Restoration denominations, elders are never referred to as "Father" or "Reverend", as the belief of the church is that scripture forbids this practice Matthew Likewise, elders and all church officials including the Church Presidency and Quorum of Apostles are volunteers and receive no financial remuneration for their activities. Elders perform administration to the sick through the laying on of hands , using oil if the illness is physical. According to the doctrine of the church, elders, evangelists, and apostles are called to their positions by revelation.

In worship services, members of the priesthood do not prepare written sermons prior to the meeting. Instead, the priesthood strives to speak under the inspiration from the Holy Spirit. Each week, church services begin with preaching from the priesthood and generally followed by a testimony portion of the meeting, during which time members of the congregation and visitors are given the opportunity to "praise God for what He has done for them.

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The Church of Jesus Christ considers Joseph Smith to have been a prophet and a seer, and an instrument in the hands of God in the restoration of the gospel. The Church of Jesus Christ believes that many revelations began to enter into the church through Smith that were contrary to the scriptures and the will of God. Its members are still awaiting the coming of the Choice Seer whom many in the organization believe will be of Native American heritage.

A revelation received by Smith to go to Toronto for business turned into a bankrupt expedition. He has been a much accused man, whether truly or falsely, eternity will reveal. If he taught plural marriage The Church of Jesus Christ does not believe such teachings. Baptism , the Lord's Supper, feet washing , and others are all ways to remember Jesus Christ. The church claims these ordinances demonstrate remembrance, love, and humility before God and each other.

Like many Christian denominations, the church uses bread and wine for the Lord's Supper, which represents the body and blood of Christ, which it believes was sacrificed for the sins of humankind.

Some congregations choose to read the communion prayers verbatim from the Book of Mormon Moroni 4 and Moroni 5 , while most congregations follow the "inspiration of the Holy Spirit" for the communion prayers. A first prayer is given prior to passing the bread and then another is offered prior to passing the wine. The communion is administered only to active, baptized members of the church. The wine is served in a communal cup. The ministers serve the congregation by walking around to each person in their seats, first with plate of bread and then with the cup of wine.

The bread is not wafers or crackers, but leavened bread that has been broken into small pieces by the ministry during the ordinance. The ministers are the last to partake of the bread and the wine after the congregation has been served.

Church members follow the ordinance of feet washing John four times a year as a demonstration of personal humility. The church believes that this is a very important ordinance, citing Jesus' statement to Peter : "If I wash thee not, thou hast no part with me. These include but are not limited to: the word of wisdom , the word of knowledge, faith , healing , prophecy , discernment , witnessing of angels , speaking in tongues , and the interpretation of divers tongues.

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Members of the church refer to each other as "Brother" and "Sister. The church believes that serving God and following Jesus is a " day per year activity", [25] not just a Sunday activity.


Chapels of the church do not contain altars , crosses or pictures, as they believe scripture forbids any type of "graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth" Exodus The Church of Jesus Christ teaches that hymns are often revealed through divine inspiration for the edification of the church. The hymnal The Songs of Zion consists of hymns that were given to a church member, Arlene Lea Buffington, through divine inspiration.

The church also uses The Saints Hymnal , which contains many hymns sung in traditional Christian churches as well as hymns of the restoration. Many congregations also use additional hymnals from other Christian organizations. The church maintains a publishing house in Greensburg, Pennsylvania and prints its own edition of the Book of Mormon. The church publishes a monthly periodical called The Gospel News.

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The Church of Jesus Christ has advocated full racial integration throughout all aspects of the church since its organization in While America disputed over civil liberties and racial segregation , the church directed its message towards all races. Historian Dale Morgan wrote in "An interesting feature of the Church's doctrine is that it discriminates in no way against It has taken a strong stand for human rights, and was, for example, uncompromisingly against the Ku Klux Klan during that organization's period of ascendancy after the First World War.

At a time when racial segregation or discrimination was commonplace in most institutions throughout America, two of the most prominent leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ were African American. Apostle John Penn, member of the Quorum of Twelve from to , conducted missionary work with many Italian Americans, and was often referred to as "The Italian's Doctor".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Quorum of Twelve Apostles Bickertonite. Minister baptizing in Mexico. Evangelist anointing with oil in Kenya, Africa. Foot-washing in the Philippines.

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Welcome to The Church of Jesus Christ. Bridgewater, MI: Gospel News. USA: Coronado Press. The John Whitmer Historical Association. Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved If someone believes in the Old Testament, that does not automatically make that person a Jew. Similarly, if someone believes in the Bible, that does not mean that person is a Catholic. The Church of Jesus Christ has no connection whatsoever with the Mormon church.

Further, many of the beliefs for which the Mormons are criticized are strictly prohibited by The Book of Mormon.

The Now Testament - Pennsylvania The Now Testament - Pennsylvania
The Now Testament - Pennsylvania The Now Testament - Pennsylvania
The Now Testament - Pennsylvania The Now Testament - Pennsylvania
The Now Testament - Pennsylvania The Now Testament - Pennsylvania
The Now Testament - Pennsylvania The Now Testament - Pennsylvania
The Now Testament - Pennsylvania The Now Testament - Pennsylvania
The Now Testament - Pennsylvania The Now Testament - Pennsylvania
The Now Testament - Pennsylvania The Now Testament - Pennsylvania

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