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No one could see exactly what had happened. Then, by one account, a Berkeley fan, fearing a Stanford diversion, yelled, "It's a job," and all eyes returned to the ball. The game continued as if nothing had happened, the bands and cheers overwhelming the screams next door. The first men to realize the full scope of the horror had nearly been victims themselves.

Charles Yotz, an oven man at the factory, had been raking the fire when bodies began raining down, narrowly missing him. He tried to remove those who had fallen on top of the furnace with a giant poker while his partner, Clarence Jeter, ran to turn off the oil feeding the blaze inside. Officials later estimated the surface temperature of the furnace at degrees. Some were lucky to grasp rafters, holding on for life as death massed below. He curled up like a worm in that heat. A small blessing, the furnace was on the far side of the building away from the field, and most of the spectators had been crowded to the other side.

But a foot drop to the floor could kill just the same, especially for those pummeled by others falling on them. Rescuers were staggered by what they found. Bodies scattered about, the desperate moans of the injured, an inescapable smell of burning clothing and roasted flesh.

It first seemed as if hundreds must be dead. Practically every phone in the neighborhood was calling for help, and anything with wheels, from wagons to butcher carts, was commandeered to rush the wounded and dying to city hospitals, which were frantically trying to summon doctors back from Thanksgiving dinner. None of this made much of a difference to the game. Those in the high bleachers could see the flurry of ambulances outside and some could hear police and ushers appeal to the stands for doctors.

But with no real way to communicate through the noise, hard information was apparently slow to spread through the crowd and never reached the field. The game was settled in the final minutes by a single score—the first successful field goal in the history of the Big Game. At the final whistle, hundreds of Stanford fans surged onto the field, carrying the star players on their shoulders and beginning a parade down Market Street to the Palace Hotel.

Elsewhere, as if in another world, panicked crowds were besieging the city's hospitals.

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Police blockaded doors to the Southern Pacific Hospital at nearby 14th and Mission streets to keep out the crush. The scenes within looked like something from a battlefield.

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A similar frenzy took place outside the morgue as coroner's deputies began to deliver bodies, some on makeshift stretchers made from fragments of the destroyed roof. The influx forced officials to open the city's new morgue, still under construction. One of the first victims named was year-old William Eckfeldt, whose weeping father recognized his disfigured body by his socks. Then came year-old William Valencia, whose grandfather was the namesake of nearby Valencia Street. While the tragedy claimed victims with a range of ages—the oldest, Mekke Van Dyk, was a year-old miner—most were boys and young men.

The youngest, Lawrence Miel, had turned 9 only a month earlier.

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Most of them lived within walking distance of the grounds. See map. Thirteen were declared dead that day and scores were hospitalized, with further fatalities rolling in.

The closest connection to Stanford was year-old Peter Carroll, critically injured but clinging to life, whose younger brother Jimmie had been adopted as Stanford's mascot. A short story by a Stanford grad based on Jimmie describes his character as a "tiny, ragged boy" who meets the team selling carnations.

Illustration: Christopher Thornock. The gap between the local and college crowds was evident in the celebrations. Throngs of college kids from Stanford and Berkeley promenaded up and down Market Street that night, though there was a hush to their normal revelry as newsboys cried out the latest figures of the dead and wounded. The city plunged into mourning.

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Anyone returning from a trip instantly knew something bad had happened from the expression on people's faces, one paper wrote. The first to be buried was Hector McNeill, 14, the only son of his recently widowed mother, who'd given him money to see the game. He was a night school student who worked at a dry goods store. Then on Sunday came the public peak of sorrow—nine victims buried in a flurry of funerals that literally ran into one another.

The disaster appeared on the front page of the New York Times and dominated local papers, though to modern eyes the coverage was bizarrely bifurcated. On page one, the papers covered the blood and horror; on the sports page were typical game stories. The Chronicle called it the "closest and most exciting game of football ever played by the elevens of the two California universities.

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The student newspapers took an even stranger tack. Writing about the game for the following Monday because of the holiday weekend, the Stanford Daily featured a 1,word front-page story about the victory without so much as a word about the disaster feet away. The Cal paper reacted in similar fashion. Indeed, the only reference to the tragedy was a brief item a week later about rumors of a Christmas Day rematch to raise money for affected families, a game that never happened.

Likewise, months later, the Stanford yearbook exalted in the victory as "the most ecstatic moment of the year to the lover of athletics," as if there were no dark side looming over the joy. The Sequoia, the literary journal, appears to be the only student publication at Stanford to address the tragedy, running a short story called "The Passing of Billy," a cartoonishly drawn "San Francisco gamin," who smoked, swore and occasionally conned people, and who had been swayed to support Stanford that morning after a Stanford man bought a newspaper from him.

His last words, in front of his sobbing mother: "Hurrah for Stanford. But even San Francisco would soon move on. The city had quickly convened a grand jury to assign blame for the disaster. You may purchase your football game tickets at 1. Add to Calendar. View Map View Map. Find out more about how your privacy is protected.

Nov Event description. Read more Read less. Share with friends. Refunds up to 7 days before event. Map and Directions View Map. Save This Event Log in or sign up for Eventbrite to save events you're interested in. Bushes will be very helpful for you as the boss. When in bushes, you will be able to hide from the enemy, and appear for a surprise attack against anyone unsuspecting enough to get close!

Be careful as they may have backup nearby! When being hunted down, make sure that you don't get yourself surrounded.

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You might get driven to a corner where the enemy can focus their fire on you easily. If you find yourself in a tight spot, play aggressively, and charge forward to clear a path! It is best that you stay away from the enemy Spawn Point. They will have a fully reloaded weapon, and are invincible for a few seconds. Going here would be useless since your attacks won't matter, and you can get hit a lot of times!

The goal is to damage the Boss and defeat it as fast as you can! AoE attacks will be very effective in making the Boss move away from their side of the map, moving it closer to you and your team! Retreat and heal yourself rather than jump into the fray with low HP. It would be best for the team to surround the boss in such a way, that the team will be able to drive the boss to a corner. This way, the boss has nowhere to run, and the team can focus their fire to bring the boss down! It is important to have at least one Brawler on the team that can heal their allies.

This lets the team take more damage from hits, and prolong them enough to whittle the boss' HP down to 0! Teamwork is imperative in this game mode since the Boss has tons of HP! Make sure that you are sticking with your team so that the boss will not be able to target you, and instantly knock you down.

There is strength in numbers! Table Flip is a regular map mixed with walls, obstacles, and grass. Hunting Party is with full of bushes. As a boss or 1 of 5 players, effectively using these bushes is the key to have better results. All Rights Reserved. Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly.

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By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. Where is Nita Her bear and attack are powerful as boss. Frank is good in this! He can kill most as boss and on team he can use his super to slow the boss.

The Big Game The Big Game
The Big Game The Big Game
The Big Game The Big Game
The Big Game The Big Game
The Big Game The Big Game
The Big Game The Big Game

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