Sugar Creek: A Destiny Novel (Destiny series)

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Anna is the long lost sister of Mike and Lucky Romo, who have each featured in their own Destiny novel. As a child, Anna was kidnapped by a woman who raised her as her own child. Once she found out, she came home to destiny to get to know her real family. In Willow Springs , we saw Anna as an overly confident, carefree girl who attracted all the guys in town.

Half Moon Hill finds her a year later, living in a Victorian fixer-upper home outside of town. She is settling into life in Destiny and hopes to remodel the home to open a bed and breakfast. All Duke wants is to be left alone, but a chance encounter with Anna may be too tempting to refuse. As their affair continues, Anna begins to develop real feelings for Duke. However, her attempts to reach out to him or take their relationship further are met with his withdrawal or denial.

I enjoyed every step of their budding relationship from the steamy sex scenes to some real tear jerker moments. I really loved Duke. He had heavy emotional baggage, and Anna really had to work to open him up — even though she risked getting hurt herself. This is the Ugly Dating Site you have heard about - a place for uglies to get to meet one another. No automatic alt text available. We intricately design and engineer our shower heads to deliver the greatest experience imaginable.

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Sugar Creek: Book 2 in the Destiny series (A Destiny Novel)

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Sugar Creek: A Destiny Novel (Destiny series) Sugar Creek: A Destiny Novel (Destiny series)
Sugar Creek: A Destiny Novel (Destiny series) Sugar Creek: A Destiny Novel (Destiny series)
Sugar Creek: A Destiny Novel (Destiny series) Sugar Creek: A Destiny Novel (Destiny series)
Sugar Creek: A Destiny Novel (Destiny series) Sugar Creek: A Destiny Novel (Destiny series)
Sugar Creek: A Destiny Novel (Destiny series) Sugar Creek: A Destiny Novel (Destiny series)
Sugar Creek: A Destiny Novel (Destiny series) Sugar Creek: A Destiny Novel (Destiny series)

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