Markheim: Sound and Fury

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Elements of the Gothic Novel

The work argues that certain formal features which depart from the conventions of fifth-century Attic drama can be explained by the influence of, and interaction with, this more popular genre. The work includes a detailed and systematic analysis of the specific pantomime-inspired features of Seneca's tragedies: the loose dramatic structure, the presence of "running commentaries" minute descriptions of characters undergoing emotional strains or performing specific actions , of monologues of self-analysis, and of narrative set-pieces. Relevant to the culture of Roman imperial culture more generally, Seneca's Tragedies and the Aesthetics of Pantomime includes an outline of the general features of pantomime as a genre.

The work shows that the influence of sub-literary-genres such as pantomime and mime, the sister art of pantomime, can be traced in several Roman writers whose literary production was antecedent or contemporary with Seneca's. Furthermore, the work sheds light on the interaction between sub-literary genres of a performative nature such as mime and pantomime and more literary ones, an aspect of Latin culture which previous scholarship has tended to overlook.

Seneca's Tragedies and the Aesthetics of Pantomime provides an original contribution to the understanding of the impact of pantomime on Roman literary culture and of controversial and little-understood features of Senecan tragedies. Let us know about it.

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Welcome to Loot. Checkout Your Cart Price. Description Details Customer Reviews Sequel to Markheim: Sound and Fury After fighting to keep her lover safe from a cold-blooded killer, Elsie Markheim realizes the war isn't over when her lover, Remy Keller disappears.

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Elsie begins the search for him but her discoveries only lead her to realize that the murder must be a member of her own family. When more family members turn up dead all over the world, she knows that the last person she expected should have been the first person on her mind. Review This Product No reviews yet - be the first to create one!

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Markheim: Sound and Fury
Markheim: Sound and Fury
Markheim: Sound and Fury
Markheim: Sound and Fury
Markheim: Sound and Fury

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