Lost Tribes of the Dire Planet

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Using the calculations of his Keshiri assistant, Jaye Vuhld , who had detected a difference of one second between a day on Kesh and a Galactic Standard Day , Varner Hilts was able to legally declare the Pantheon's Peace eight days early to stop the confrontation. Following the reading of Korsin's Testament, the leaders of the twenty Sith factions began to fight among themselves. Hilts discovered that the Testament had been recorded over an older recording, which turned out to be a recording of Naga Sadow ordering Yaru Korsin to transport lignan crystals to his forces on Kirrek during the Great Hyperspace War.

This revelation shocked the Sith who decided to destroy the holo-recorder so that Keshiri would never learn that their godly masters were in reality only runaway slaves dominated by an alien species.

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But a spectator could not help talking about it and the truth spread like wildfire, triggering eight days later a destructive madness in humans, who killed each other and sacked everything under the frightened eye of the Keshiris who were hiding wherever they could. Convinced by a cryptic reference in the Testament of a hidden secret behind the throne of Korsin, Varner Hilts and his trusted Keshiri servant Jaye Vuhld traveled to the Kesh Sith Temple in order to unseal the Omen and save the Sith Tribe from a collective suicide.

Iliana also confided that she had experienced visions of Seelah washing the feet of the ancient Sith Lord Ludo Kressh. Varner managed to recruit Iliana into his team and they explored the Omen but found that Korsin had moved his command chair, or throne, to the planetarium at the top of the temple. Meanwhile, the various Sith factions abandoned their differences and decided to work together for the last time to destroy the Omen , which now became a symbol of their enslavement and imprisonment on Kesh. Bentado, Neera, and Edell Vrai , a member of the Golden Destiny faction, managed to rally thirty other Sith from various factions for this project.

Hilts and his companions managed to evade the other Sith and enter the planetarium. There, they found Yaru's throne which contained a letter from Takara Korsin to her son Yaru concerning her visions about him ruling over a "great people. However, Hilts quickly realized that this was not Yaru Korsin's secret. His suspicions were reinforced by Jaye's recollections of noticing a sealed room under the tomb containing the Omen.

Hilts concluded that he would find the answers to his question there and speculated that a dying Korsin had recorded his Testament there. Ultimately, Hilts was proven to be correct and he discovered that this chamber was a map room. However, the other Sith caught up with them and Bentado killed Jaye. These Sith then surrounded Iliana and Hilts, the former of whom they intended to kill in revenge for the injuries she had inflicted on them during the "Great Crisis. In an act of faith, the Caretaker used the Force to unhook the plates that covered the walls of the room.

This revealed a large map of an unknown continent that was several times the size of Keshtah, the domain of the Sith.

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The Tribe's Founder Yaru Korsin had foreseen that after conquering Kestah, the Sith in accordance with their nature, would fight each other. Thus, Korsin had withheld this secret knowledge for a time when a new mission would be needed to unite the Sith. Having read Takara's letter to Yaru, Hilts argued that the Sith should abandon their differences and work together to conquer this new continent, which he dubbed " Keshtah Major ". This would involve restoring the old ways and the Tribe's hierarchy which had collapsed during the Time of the Rot.

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Recognizing the old man's wisdom, the Sith submitted to Hilts and elected him as their Grand Lord. With this new project, Hilts and his new followers managed to end the "Great Crisis" by giving the Sith Tribe a new goal in life. He also married Iliana Merko to protect her from the other Sith leaders and to provide a powerful defender who would protect him and his mission.

Hilts was aware that per tradition, the spouse of Grand Lord would be killed following the death of the reigning Grand Lord. Alanciar, the new continent which became a rallying cause for reuniting the Tribe. Under the leadership of Grand Lord Varner Hilts, the Tribe rebuilt Keshtah's cities and infrastructure including the aqueduct systems.

The Kesh capitol building was also restored to its former glory and it remained the residence of the Grand Lord and his Grand Consort. To honor the memory of his fallen Keshiri friend Jaye Vuhld , Hilts also spearheaded a policy to allow Force-sensitive Keshiri individuals to join the Lost Tribe of Sith and to improve their social mobility.

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Within twenty-five years, Hilts had amassed a significant following of loyal Keshiri supporters who were willing to do the Tribe's bidding. However, Hilts' most important legacy was the annexation of Keshtah Major, which was called Alanciar by the Keshiri living there who called themselves the Alanciari. Hilts appointed the mathematician Edell Vrai as chief engineer of the Alanciari project, who later became one of the Tribe's youngest High Lords. For the next twenty-five years, the Lost Tribe committed much of their resources to developing technologies that would enable them to reach Alanciar.

First, the Tribe experimented with long-distance uvak-flights but the oceans proved too far and wide and several pilots and their steeds never returned. Secondly, the Tribe attempted to develop boats but Keshtah's wood proved to be unsuitable for ocean-going voyages. The frail hejarbo shoots were unable to withstand the ocean waves while hardwoods like vosso proved too dense to float. Finally in BBY , Vrai succeeded in developing airships , which were held afloat by hydrogen stored in canvas gasbags. Using a simple water catalyst, this hydrogen was isolated from methane that was extracted from the volcano Sessal Spire through the use of glass vessels.

These airships were propelled by packs of uvaks who were suspended in the airship's harness aft below the gondola. There, these uvaks could rest, eat, and even sleep when their services were not needed. Vrai's invention came at an opportune time since he was facing opposition from rival High and Sith Lords who were vying for Hilts' favor. Vrai's force consisted of three small scout airships, Candra , Lillia , and Dann Itra , and its crew also included three thoughtcriers who were used to communicate with the Tribe.

However, the Alanciari had prepared themselves for any Sith invasion. Two millennia ago , the Keshtah Herald Adari Vaal and followers had fled to Alanciar where they succeeded in warning the Keshiri living there about the threat posed by the Sith. Over the following centuries, the Alanciari developed a strong military and a large industrial base to support it.

In addition, they also had two reliable continental communication systems consisting of a network of semaphore stations operated by trained signals officers and thoughtcriers, Force-sensitive Alanciari who could transmit messages through the Force. Vrai's expeditionary force was intercepted by several Alanciari ballista and their uvak-riders which destroyed the airships and killed four-fifths of the crew.

However, Vrai and five other crew survived and they succeed in capturing the Alanciari signals office Jogan Halder and his lover Quarra Thayn , a Force-sensitive Wardmaster and former thoughtcrier.

The Sith also managed to commandeer a Keshiri fishing trawler Mischance which gave them access to one of the Alanciari's maritime sailing ships. Most importantly, the Sith expedition obtained a copy of Adari Vaal's Keshtah Chronicles , a popular Alanciari history book, which gave the Tribe invaluable intelligence on what the Alanciari knew about them. Prior to her death, Vrai's thoughtcrier Tellpah managed to send a message containing emotions of surprise, shock, and confusion to the Grand Consort Iliana's thoughtcriers.

The Grand Lord and his Consort feared something bad had befallen the expeditionary force but were unable to restrain High Lord Korsin Bentado from traveling to Alanciar with a large invasion fleet of airships known as the Ebon Fleet. Following the capture of the harvester Mischance , Edell's uvak-tenderer and pilot Peppin managed to figure out how to operate the ship's sails and steerage.

Both reasoned that the Tribe would be interested in the Alanciari sailing vessel and Jogan Halder, along with his collection of books which included the invaluable Keshtah Chronicles , a popular Alanciari book which had been written by the Keshiri exile Adari Vaal. This book was compulsory reading for all Alanciari children and provided the Alanciari with information about the Tribe and Keshtah Minor. Vrai managed to coerce Thayn into serving as his guide for a reconnaissance mission into Alanciar's interior. Thayn agreed to cooperate in return for sparing the life of Halder. They sailed through the Southern Passage which led to the Sea of Flames.

Upon disembarking, Peppin flew on an uvak to Tahv where she informed the Grand Lord about the recent developments in Alanciar. She also showed Hilts the Keshtah Chronicles which allowed the Tribe to gain invaluable intelligence on what the Alanciari knew about them.

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Despite learning about the military capabilities of the Alanciari, Hilts did not share this new intelligence with Korsin Bentado because he regarded the ambitious High Lord as a rival. Knowing the superior military capabilities of the Alanciari, Hilts also intended to send Bentado and his loyal supporters, many of whom were from the former Korsinite League, to their demise.

Meanwhile, Edell Vrai learnt about the strong anti-Human and anti-Sith sentiment among the Alanciari from his reconnaissance mission. He also attempted to recruit Quarra to the Sith cause but the Alanciari women refused to trust the Sith. They traveled to the Western Shield where Bentado's Ebon Fleet was attacked and destroyed by the Alanciari ballista emplacements.

Vrai and Quarra then traveled to the latter's hometown of Uhrar where she checked on her three children. Later, the pair traveled to Sus'mintri , the capital of the Alanciari and the seat of the War Cabinet , the military government of Alanciar. Unknown to Edell and Quarra, Bentado and several of his Sith followers had survived the debacle at the Western Shield and managed to reach Sus'mintri. There they infiltrated Vaal Hall and its adjacent signal tower where they slaughtered the War Cabinet, effectively decapitating Alanciar's highly centralized defense infrastructure.

The Sith were now able to direct the Alanciari military through their semaphore system. To create the illusion that the Sith were benevolent and that Keshtah was a paradise, Hilts arranged for his most loyal Keshiri supporters to organize a carnival on the streets of Tahv. This was designed to create the impression that the Keshiri on Keshtah lived carefree and happy lives which allowed them to devote themselves to recreational activities as opposed to the military drudgery of the Alanciari Keshiri. Meanwhile, the Sith withdrew from public view to create the impression that they did not dominate the Keshiri on Keshtah.

These Keshiri convinced Halder that the Sith were indeed the Protectors, ancient gods in Keshiri mythology. The Alanciari was also allowed to visit the Kesh capitol building where the Sith pretended to contemplate in quiet mediation. Halder met the Circle of Lords, who pretended to be an egalitarian council where no man or woman ranked above the other.

While the Sith Lords acknowledged that Adari Vaal, the Herald of Kesh, had been right about the presence of the "servants of Destructors " among the Sith, they claimed that they had put down these "evil ones" one day after Vaal had left for Alanciar. Thus, the militarization of Alanciari society had been unnecessary. The Lords then told Jogan that Korsin Bentado was a servant of the Destructors who had risen from among the Sith recently. Following his exile from Keshtah, this "servant of the Destructors" built airships and set out to conquer Alanciar. Finally, Jogan was told that Edell Vrai, the man who had kidnapped him, was a trusted friend of the Protectors who had come in search of Bentado and to make sure that the Alanciari did not serve the Destructors.


Lost Tribes of the Dire Planet (Volume 5) Paperback – March 5, 2012

Thus, the Sith were able to win over Jogan to their cause and he became their " ambassador " to the Alanciari. Ultimately, Hilts' suspicions of Korsin Bentado were proven to be correct. Regarding Hilts as an obstacle to the Grand Lordship, Bentado planned to kill the Grand Lord by ordering the Alanciari ballista and uvak-riders to engage his airship Good Omen.

Bentado planned to create a "Second Tribe" on Alanciar and to harness the continent's immense military-industrial complex. Following a pursuit and vicious duel, Bentado was stopped through the combined efforts of Vrai, Thayn, and his own Keshiri aide Squab , who was actually loyal to Hilts. Squab personally executed Bentado and handed the fallen High Lord's command to Edell Vrai, who reasserted control over Bentado's remaining followers and the signaling devices.

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Thus, Hilts and Halder were able to land without any difficulties at Port Melephos , a coastal port to the south of Sus'mintri. At Port Melephos, Halder delivered his testament to the local Alanciari and succeeded in convincing them of the Lost Tribe's benevolence. The only dissenter was Quarra Thayn but she kept her thoughts to herself and cooperated with the Sith authorities in order to protect her people and her family. Following Halder's testament, Hilts arrived disguised as the "Keshtah-born minion" of the Bright Tuash , a Keshiri god, and supported Thayn's message.

He told the Alanciari that Adari Vaal had been a good albeit misguided servant of his. He apologized for the damage that Bentado and his followers had wrecked on the Alanciari and promised that relief workers from Keshtah, both Keshiri and Sith, would arrive to facilitate the peaceful "Unification" of the two continents.

Thus, Hilts had fulfilled his lifelong ambition of conquering Keshtah Major by convincing the Alanciari to submit to Sith rule.

Lost Tribes of the Dire Planet Lost Tribes of the Dire Planet
Lost Tribes of the Dire Planet Lost Tribes of the Dire Planet
Lost Tribes of the Dire Planet Lost Tribes of the Dire Planet
Lost Tribes of the Dire Planet Lost Tribes of the Dire Planet
Lost Tribes of the Dire Planet Lost Tribes of the Dire Planet
Lost Tribes of the Dire Planet Lost Tribes of the Dire Planet
Lost Tribes of the Dire Planet Lost Tribes of the Dire Planet
Lost Tribes of the Dire Planet Lost Tribes of the Dire Planet

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