Look! It’s a Bug! (A Silly Rhyming Childrens Picture Book)

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2017 Children's Summer Reading List (Part 1)

The book is perfect for early readers. Each page has one sentence about socks. The repetition of words and the use of sight words make the story easy for children to decipher. Accompanying each sentence is a brightly colored illustration that excites readers and gives clues to the meaning of the sentence. The best part of the book is its small size; it is perfect for small hands to hold.

While socks may seem boring to an adult, to a child, especially one just learning to read, this book is a perfect fit. At the shark's invitation, they'll follow him into the deep where the young ones play, and swarm and swish through schools of fish. Putting down stickers all the way, kids will enjoy going through underwater caverns and caves, examining a sunken treasure ship, and finding their way through a coral maze. Review: This sticker book is really cute and well done. There are a lot of stickers for the money and they are all so cute - great graphic designs. There are all kinds of sharks, pirates, boats, sea shells, and various other fun items.

The pages in the book tell little stories and give suggestions on where to put the stickers but also allow for a child's imagination.

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I gave this as a gift to a very bright 4-year old. He was a bit too young to put the stickers in the way that perhaps the author intended but he had great fun with them and wound up with a creative sticker book. He also enjoyed adding his own drawings to the pages of the book. This is an excellent book, highly recommended. And they're packing the ship for a trip to a faraway island.

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What will they do there? Search for buried treasure, of course! Kids can take their pirate-themed stickers - including plenty of colorful characters and their paraphernalia - and sail along on the adventure. They'll row to shore, stop at a deserted castle, take out their maps, and dig, dig, dig until they find a chest filled with gold and rings and fancy things. All of them are sturdy and durable enough for all young children and lots of fun.

They're posing, they're playing, they're riding the carousel. With a yip, nip, and bark, they're invading the park. Kids can help swell the parade by placing stickers of puppies in all breeds and sizes along the path, dressing them in costumes and accessories like bandannas , and giving the doggies toys to play with. Bianca and the Busy Beaver is the third story in the series. In this playful, teaching, rhyming tale little Bianca decides to visit with the very busy beaver who lives in the river at the foot of the hill on which her home is built.

Of course he has answers to all of her questions, and he tells her just why beavers have the teeth they do. Her wondrous visit with the busy beaver reinforces her motivation for wanting to take care of her own teeth. Written for children, the story can be read aloud by parents or teachers, or by young first-time readers themselves.

If I Were a Crocodile - Book four. If I Were a Crocodile is the fourth rhyming story in the series. A young boy tells us how he thinks life would be if he were a crocodile. Interestingly enough, he finds the relationship between Plover birds and Crocodiles most fascinating, and uses this phenomenon to explain why he thinks brushing and flossing his own teeth in order to keep them clean is a more viable option! With creative and colorful illustrations, this story can be read aloud to children by parents or teachers, or by children who are learning to read themselves.

The books are easy to read with great illustrations that will inspire younger children when it comes to oral care. Each tale will leave young kids giggly, curious, knowledgeable and unafraid to go to the dentist. Here we meet Rosie on a picnic with her friends, Bryan and Chen. Rosie is very curious and wants to know what her teeth are for. She finds out exactly what each set of teeth are for, what they look like, and how to pronounce their names.

With simplistic text and enjoyable explainer images, youngsters will find this picture book amusing while learning about caring for their teeth in a fun way. End up like Grandpa Jerry? My First Visit to the Dentist - Book three. My First Visit to the Dentist is a story that shows young children what they should expect when they go to the dentist for the first time. Rosie is nervous at first, but soon feels more relaxed when she sees other children there, too.

Rosie has a great experience and looks forward to her next visit with Doctor Zoey and her team. This picture book, with wonderful illustrations, makes for perfect reading when it comes to sensitizing young children to the concept of visiting the dentist. Some go through phases where their baby teeth and adult teeth grow in ways that can leave their smile looking a little different from the smiles of others.

The Very Hungry Spider (Sillywood Tales) - An animated children's story book

During this time in children's dental care, their appearance can lead to them being bullied and teased by other children who have not been raised to respect the various stages of growth. Cleverly constructed, each story introduces an animal character who has oddly shaped, arranged or colored teeth.

Morning Of Awkwardness

Little Samantha is tired of being told she has shark teeth. But, after befriending a shark on the beach who shows her how sharks are also often bullied, she stops feeling so alone. She reassures Samantha and shares knowledge that she can use to combat those who tease her.

With fun and colorful illustrations, this warm and educational rhyming tale can be read by parents or teachers to children, or by children learning to read.

Rachael and Ricky the Rabbit is the second story in the series. Rachael has a rabbit, Ricky, for a friend on her farm. At school Rachael is teased for having front teeth that are larger than her others. Soon her baby teeth will fall out and the adult ones will all be the right size. Rachael sings a special song as she brushes and flosses each night, and also goes on to help another girl who is being teased in her class.

We were excited to recognize the author as a favorite from her regular series in High Five magazine! The rhymes were extremely basic, making this a great teaching tool for my pre-reader! We had fun looking at and hearing letter sounds and word building. Sep 03, Cortny Green rated it really liked it Shelves: poetry.


Best Children’s Books About Bugs (Insects)

Recognize and produce rhyming words. Ook the Book as several words that rhyme. Have the students sit in small groups, each with the book or an poem from the book. Each group can have a different poem. Have them read the poem and point out which words rhyme. They can then get poster board and draw or paste the words that rhyme together. Dec 05, Dolly rated it liked it Recommends it for: parents reading with their children. Shelves: , childrens , poetry-song-music , rhyming.

This is a fun book of rhyming ditties that are fun and reminiscent of Dr. Seuss, though not quite as witty. It's a fun book to read aloud. Our girls enjoyed watching this book read aloud on the "Tumblebooks" online audiobook site tumblebooks. An interesting short book where each double page has a wondrous spread of pictures and an accompanying short rhyme. Nice rhymes although some have to be said with an American accent!

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Look! It’s a Bug! (A Silly Rhyming Childrens Picture Book) Look! It’s a Bug! (A Silly Rhyming Childrens Picture Book)
Look! It’s a Bug! (A Silly Rhyming Childrens Picture Book) Look! It’s a Bug! (A Silly Rhyming Childrens Picture Book)
Look! It’s a Bug! (A Silly Rhyming Childrens Picture Book) Look! It’s a Bug! (A Silly Rhyming Childrens Picture Book)
Look! It’s a Bug! (A Silly Rhyming Childrens Picture Book) Look! It’s a Bug! (A Silly Rhyming Childrens Picture Book)
Look! It’s a Bug! (A Silly Rhyming Childrens Picture Book) Look! It’s a Bug! (A Silly Rhyming Childrens Picture Book)

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