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No worries. I have the possibility of going…. See All. Thorn Tree forum.

Spiritual guru schooled in East applies insights to Western living

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Health and exercise. I am juicing fruit daily for breakfast what? Now I can tell you how to grow a garden and what fruits and vegetables are good for each part of your body and why. Everywhere you go in LA there is a cleanse you can try or a miracle juice straight from the earth or vegans proclaiming meat, eggs, and milk should not be consumed.

I have started to buy into it all after watching some documentaries and dating a guy who owned a juicer ecommerce site. Organic is the way to go. Who wants those pesticides on all of your perfectly colorful gynormous fruit entering your system and hurting your cells? Bars and cars. These places are packed back at home all the time. People meander from one to the next.

The East Coast is more down-to-Earth when it comes to bars. No one is dressing up in heals and the latest trend. Wear your fleece, drive your pick-up truck or your wood paneled car that you have owned for 15 years.

East vs. West campus living

No one cares! Yes, I drive a new white BMW, but so does everyone else. So I guess I just fit in with the flashy masses in LA. Everyone or pretty much everyone drives a nice NEW car — pimped out, convertible, shiny, the kind you can eat off of, or a Prius. Some car that you only see out here in the Made for TV and fashion shoot land that was badass in has now be restored, to make it even more badass when you and your girl are cruising down the PCH.

Why We Like The East Coast

Cruising with the top down in my Ford. Grown men skateboard. Yes, they do, even to work. Grown men get up before work to surf. Grown men tell the girl they hooked up with the morning afterwards that he really must catch that wave with his buddies. No one actually grows up here, and that is why I find this lifestyle addicting. It is like being Peter Pan every day.

Where To Live in Scotland

It is like living in an adult playground with too many options. You can get sucked in, and never want to come out of this altered state of reality. Alone under a night sky, with nothing moving on Coxwell, it felt like I was in a small town. The smallness was soothing. The east is where you stay to plan a future. Toronto's east or west? Comedians gear up for battle. Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. All rights reserved. To order copies of Toronto Star articles, please go to: www. Subscribe Now. There is nothing cool about living in the east end.

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Living from East to West Living from East to West
Living from East to West Living from East to West
Living from East to West Living from East to West
Living from East to West Living from East to West
Living from East to West Living from East to West
Living from East to West Living from East to West
Living from East to West Living from East to West
Living from East to West Living from East to West
Living from East to West

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