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The prime minister pulls a stunt washing the feet of manual sanitation workers. He "is not interested in these deaths, because the waste is collected by untouchables. Manual waste collection is traditionally reserved for Dalits, the most discriminated community in India. He only invests in the economy, and not to free the untouchables from caste discrimination. The incident in which they lost their life occurred last Thursday near Kali Mandir, in the Pandeypur area. They died suffocated.

There should be a backup system, so that when two or three people are inside, some help is available to them. Varanasi is the prime minister's constituency and a large number of supporters are expected at the rally. For Raghuvanshi, the prime minister behaves in a contradictory manner. Just a week ago, media showed him washing the feet of some sanitation workers.

For India, where those once referred to as pariahs remain excluded, the gesture had great resonance. Human rights activists complain, however, that "feet washing" was rather a political stunt ahead of the election. In fact, the place where it was done was not random.

It was during the Kumbh Mela pilgrimage, with thousands of propaganda posters with the picture of the prime minister dotting the site. After immersing himself in the waters of the Ganges, Modi squatted in front of some sanitation workers safai karamchari to wash their feet. The Safai Karamchari Andolan group, which is opposed to manual waste collection, reports that " workers were killed in sewers and septic tanks in alone.

In , 13 workers have died. For Raghuvanshi, "The prime minister is not interested in these deaths, because the waste is collected by untouchables. Help AsiaNews. Aree geografiche. Central Asia Kazakhstan.

The Call Of Faith - Short Film - Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar In Kumbh Mela 2019

North Asia Mongolia. East Asia China. North Korea. South Korea. Hong Kong. South West Asia Armenia. South East Asia Brunei. Her reportage ultimately took up more than five years. In that time she began to be part of the choir, the black church with which it was connected, and the spiritual journey it was engaged in. Elijah Gowin takes photos from the internet and manipulates them using Photoshop.

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20 Best Hypocrisy (पाखंड) images in | Bhagavad gita, Hindus, 8th of march

He prints the result as a negative with an inkjet printer, and then scans in the paper negative again. The combination of digital techniques and hand work makes every image unique. Watering shows Christian baptism as it is presently often carried out. For Gowin the images symbolize the transition to a new life and the need for spiritual cleansing in a time full of technological changes.

Although the digital revolution has made communication simpler, we experience increasing anonymity and uncertainty about the future as a burden, according to this artist. On February 26, , an attack took place in New York that seems to anticipate September 11, An auto bomb exploded under the World Trade Center, leaving six dead, a thousand wounded, and causing massive damage. In the media the attack was invariably coupled with the phrase 'Islamic terrorism'. In this way the event became inseparably linked with Islam, according to photographer Edward Grazda and architecture professor Jerrilynn Dods.

As a response, they decided to document the Islamic community in New York in words and pictures, a project in which mosques were central. They encountered a vital community that contrasted sharply with the destruction in the images of the World Trade Center. After years as a Portuguese colony, in Goa became a part of India.

Seeking enlightenment in India at the "Kumbh Mela"

Many of the Catholic residents fled to Lisbon. Some have returned, while others have remained in Portugal. The consequence was a flood of intercultural, nostalgic stories, in which myths slowly grew into accounts of things which really happened. A quarter of the residents of Goa are still Catholic.

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  • India Set to Host m People for Kumbh Mela , World’s Largest Spiritual Gathering.
  • Hindu holy festival Kumbh Mela attracts million visitors - World News - Jerusalem Post.
  • Private Lessons (Gay Taboo Erotica)!

With the departure of the colonial power, this group remained behind with a culture and religion that is alien to their region. Time seems to stand still in their homes; the Catholic residents of Goa try to familiarize themselves with an uncertain future and a new identity. Husasyn lost the battle. To express their grief they beat themselves with chains and swords. Hammam's images of the Ashura observances call up associations with Shiite iconography and current political events.

This enables her to offer a commentary on the obsessive picture of Islam as a bloodthirsty religion. In Egypt both Muslims and Christians believe in supernatural powers. For instance, the Koran speaks of invisible djins, disembodied beings from another world that seek to communicate with men.

A djin can take possession of someone, resulting in a physical and mental crisis. The expulsion of devils and djins is a practice shared by Egyptian Christians and Muslims alike. Nermine Hammam photographed a Christian exorcism which was attended by believers of both faiths. It is, she says, not only a spiritual ritual, but also a dialog between the two religions. Ron Haviv photographed the civil war in what was formerly Yugoslavia for a protracted period, from its beginning in until the arrest of the former Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic in Haviv recorded the whole spectrum of the war, from the trenches on the front line to the refugees trying to find a safe haven far behind the lines.

His work is not only an indictment of the nationalistic and religious motives that lie at the root of war, but also of the refusal of the West to really intervene in the conflict in the Balkans. The Netherlands has a complex Jewish community that, while retaining its own identity and rituals, forms an integral part of society.

Within the community being Jewish is experienced in many ways: religious, secular, orthodox or liberal. At the same time, as fundamental elements in Jewish existence, the rituals, holy days and traditions bind the community together. Martijn Heil investigated how the partially closed Jewish community relates to the open Dutch society.

He combines images of a traditional celebration like a Jewish wedding with images of political activities that demonstrate solidarity with Israel. Johannes Hepp makes a systematic study of places where terrorists have been active. Sometimes days, sometimes years afterwards he visits cities where there have been bombings, gas attacks or suicide actions.

His panoramic collages search for changes in the urban landscape. At the same time they show how life has once again returned to normal, despite the tragic events that took place there. In London Hepp photographed the four places where a day before a bomb had exploded in the public transit.

Photographers / Act of Faith

Young people complied in large numbers: thousands of young people visited the Youth Day, which thereby became a successful marketing instrument for the Catholic Church. As a popular event with prayer services and music, it had the extent and allure of well-known music festivals and dance parties all over the world. The peace accord in laid the foundations for the political future of Northern Ireland. But traces of the troubled past are to be found everywhere in that land. For instance, Belfast has literally been shaped by the decades of conflict between Catholics and Protestants.

The infrastructure of the city has been constructed in response to the struggle, with clearly separated neighborhoods. Claudio Hils carried out 'archaeological' research in the Belfast archives, where the stories of the past have been laid to rest. This has enabled him to expose the structures that form the basis for contemporary Northern Ireland, for which these often hidden archives are the key.

World in a Jar brings together important historical and contemporary images from the collective memory of mankind. The images span four centuries and show particularly the consequences of war, ethnic violence, genocide and religious intolerance.

Hindu philosophy and environmental pollution

Robert Hirsch places the photos in transparent jars, and stacks these up to create a wall that winds through the exhibition space. The jars are in no particular order, so that the pictures enter into different dialogs with one another each time the installation is constructed. At the same time, this symbolizes the open-endedness of the historic lines presented, and the tangle of social forces that influenced each event depicted.

The rise of the conservative Christian right over the past decade has left a deep impression on the internal and foreign policies of the United States. Robert Huber has recorded how strongly Christianity is intertwined with the American society. For instance, he visited a Christian hard rock festival and a Mormon training center for missionaries. Particularly the latter reveals how frighteningly Christianity coincides with the values of American capitalism.

In Texas even the lines between church and state are blurred. Convicts who pray every hour receive preferential handling in the prison system. What effect do religious rituals have on children? At religious festivals in Pakistan Malcolm Hutcheson recorded how children very early come in contact with rituals such as self-chastisement. To the sound of trumpets and heavy drums thousands of people shuffle past, their faces and bodies shrouded in outfits with tall, pointed hoods.

They bear heavy statues of saints and crosses, which are touched by people along the route. The processions can last for twelve hours, and generally take place in the burning sun. In the five-thousand year old city, lying on the West Bank of the Jordan, came under British administration.



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